Super Promoter Contest

Promote Traffic Swap 4 U on the web and each time your affiliate/splash page is shown, you will earn points. At the same time, you stand a chance to build your downline on TS4U. At the end of each cycle, promoters win cash prizes.


RankPhotoUser NamePoints
1Andrew Larocque45875
2Top Promoter41602
3Femmy Brands38589
4Shobhender Bhati26723
5Valentin Piponkov15475
6Nick Sima10065
7Yurij Zelenov7099
8Irina Savescu5388
9Pierre Delroux5183
10Sim Lili4586
11stacy sienzant3854
12DorotheaH Tabor3256
13Tibor Holacsik2709
14Kathleen Javellonar2594
15valentin jershov1987

You can earn more points for your promotion? Then you must promote your links on these Featured Sites.

1. The contest runs twice every month. Each new contest starts from midnight of 1st and 16th of every month.
2. You must have at least 1000 hits to qualify for a prize.
3. Promoting on auto surf sites is not allowed. Your hits are being tracked and we will know where your hits are coming from. Violation of rule will result in disqaulification from the contest.
4. Statistics generated through our tracker will be final.
5. Disputes, if any, will be handled by the admin and admin's decision will be final.
6. In an unlikely event of a tie, the member with more number of total hits/views will get the higher rank. If there still a tie, the prizes will be split.

Rank Prize
1st Prize $3
2nd Prize $2
3rd Prize $1
4 members chosen randomly (who qualified by having 1000 hits) $0.50

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